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Food Sources For Post Workout Meal

Food Sources For Post Workout Meal

If you want good muscle gains then you have to equally focus on nutrition and exercise. The post-workout meal helps to replenish glycogen stores and increase protein synthesis. You should utilize the right amount of macro-nutrients[protein, carbohydrates, and fats] in a post-workout meal.

Protein in a post-workout meal

Protein is responsible for muscle protein synthesis. The ideal amount of protein in the post-workout meal is 20 grams to 40 grams. Fast digesting protein sources are good choices for a post-workout meal.

The rebuilding and repairing process of damaged muscles is known as Protein Synthesis.

Carbs in a post-workout meal

Carbohydrates refill glycogen stores that have been depleted during your workout and refuel your body for daily activities. High glycemic index carbs are good choices for a post-workout meal. Try consuming 2-3 times more carbs than protein in the post-workout meal.

Fats in a post-workout meal

Fats are not bad, but you should limit the amount of fat in a post-workout meal. Because the high amount of fats can affect the digestion of carbs and slow down the process of muscle glycogen synthesis.


Anabolic Window opens quickly after your workout. Your body’s ability to rebuild glycogen and protein is increased in the anabolic window. Try to consume your post-workout meal within 2 hours.

Studies show that protein synthesis continues for at least 48 hours after the workout.

If you are in a fasted state, then you should have a post-workout meal as soon as possible after your exercise.

Food sources for a post-workout meal




Water is also very important, so keep your body hydrated.


The post-workout meal helps in the process of protein synthesis and replenishes glycogen stores that’s why it is very important. The amount of calories in your post-workout meal depends on your goal. You can add the above-mentioned foods in your post-workout meal.

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