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10 Diet & Lifestyle Tips for Fat-Loss

The basic fundamental of fat loss is that ‘ burn more calories than you eat ‘. You can do this by creating a calorie deficit and training ( cardio + weight training )

Fat loss is a slow process there is no magic pill that can burn your fat instantly. You have to eat a healthy diet and do training with consistency for good results.

Here are 10 Diet and lifestyle tips that will help you in your fat loss journey.

1. Low-calorie dense foods

First of all, remove all high-calorie dense foods from your diet. Because high-calories dense foods contain lots of calories, but they will not going to fill your stomach for a longer time period, for example – nuts and peanut butter. I am not saying that nuts and peanuts are bad. But there are better options, I am talking about low-calorie dense foods like vegetables. Because they contain low calories and high in fiber. And they will fill your stomach in fewer calories.

If you choose your food smartly, you can easily achieve your fitness goals.

2. Increase protein intake

Protein is most important macronutrient for muscle building.

there is two major benfits of following a high protein diet –

A. Protein is more filling – protein is more filling comparatively carbs and fats. And it fills your stomach for a long time period in fewer calories. protein is also helpful in reducing cravings.

B. Protein has a higher thermic effect – the digestion process of protein is requires more energy than other macronutrients.

3. Increase your water intake

Water is very important for a healthy and hydrated body, but when we talk about fat loss importance of water increased. If you want to lose weight easily then increase your water intake. The best part is that there are no calories in water and it expands your stomach that helps you to control your hunger.

water is also very good for your skin and hair.

4. Black coffee

There are no calories in coffee and it loaded with caffeine. Caffeine indirectly helps in fat loss, no it is not magic but caffeine slightly boost your metabolism.

Caffeine is a natural appetite sparser that’s why caffeine reduces your hunger. Which will make it easier to stick to your calorie limit.

Try to consume black coffee At least 10 hours before bed because caffeine can disturb your sleep.

5. Don’t drink your calories

When we talk about fat loss, ‘Drinking calories’ is not the most efficient way to consume calories. Because it not gonna fill your stomach for a longer time period. If You make a shake of oats, milk, and protein powder. You can consume it easily within 2mins but soon you feel hungry again.

Yes, I know this shake is healthy but It will not going to fill your stomach for a long time. And it is also very high in calories. If you trying to do fat loss never drink calories exception protein powder. Try to consume protein powder with water because milk is again an example of calorie drinking.

6. 10-Minute walks

Do a 10-minute walk after every meal. You will burn many calories knowingly by this method. Let’s assume you take 5 meals a day. If you do a 10-minute walk after your every meal, at the end of the day you do not need to do cardio separately.

You can save your priceless time with this method. If you do walk after your meal, it will improve your digestive system.

Make this a habit. This will be going to very helpful in your life.

7. Make your food by yourself

If your goal is shredded body then you have to make your food by yourself. So that you can measure all the food items that you are using in your diet. If you do not make your food yourself then there are high chances that you don’t know exactly what and how much you are eating.

You can use a Food Weight Machine so that you can properly track your calories. You can buy it here

8. Make a sustainable diet plan

Stop setting unachievable goals, because the only thing you can get by this is demotivation. Always go with a healthy diet that you can sustain for the long term. Never run behind fancy diet plans, because these diet plans look very good but you can’t sustain them for the long term. Just remove unhealthy and oily food from your diet. And add some healthy foods. Just be patient and stick with healthy foods, with the time you are able to see results in your body.

9. Choose your carb sources smartly

There are two types of carbs – Simple carbs and Complex carbs

When your goal is fat loss try to replace simple carbs with complex carbs.

Simple carbs don’t fill your stomach for a long time That’s why you start feeling hungry after some time of consuming simple carbs. On the other hand, complex carbs fill your stomach for a longer time period because complex carbs are loaded with fibers.

10. Chewing gum

99% of Chewing gums contain Non-existent calories. The main reason this works because when you chewing a gun, your mouth produces saliva. And saliva sends singles to your brain that you are eating food. And your brain sends singles to your body that you are not hungry.

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